May 20, 2021

6 Unique Hospitality Experiences

As the world returns to normal, we’re dreaming of these six out-of-the-ordinary hospitality experiences, ranging from a pod hotel to a cavelike cocktail lounge.

1. and Formafatal Collaborate on Coco Guest Pods at the Art Villas Costa Rica

At the Art Villas Costa Rica, a small resort on Playa Hermosa, a network of stairs and catwalks surrounds one of five teak-and-canvas Coco pods by and Formafatal. The pods are carefully oriented to allow for maximum openness while providing necessary privacy. Photography by BoysPlayNice.

2. ONLY Design Brings Literary History to Life with Onegin Bar in Moscow

Alexander Pushkin inspired the design of this Moscow bar. The intricately carved benches were repurposed from another restaurant. Photography by Sergey Krasyuk.

3. Zav Architects Creates an Environmentally-Sensitive Complex on the Island of Hormuz

The 17-suite guest residence by Zav Architects was built by local workers using the Superadobe construction technology, plaster, sand soil, and minimal concrete and steel to reduce the project’s environmental impact. The sitting area in a suite bedroom is composed of furniture from Neshiman, a company based in Shiraz, Iran. Photography by Tahmineh Monzavi.

4. Habitas Namibia Seeks to Redefine Luxury With a Sustainable Resort

Habitas Namibia, a modular luxury resort, is constructed at the edge of a rocky cliff. The hotel features 15 guest rooms, a swimming pool, an outdoor cinema, a communal dining area, and a fire pit. Photography by Adrian Gaut.

5. Barcelona Restaurant by Llamazares Pomés Arquitectura Pays Homage to Flash Flash 50 Years Later

Croma by Flash recreates the hues of a Kodak film roll box with shades of grey and golden yellows. The image of the Flash photographer is reflected like a kaleidoscope within the roof-lights given the multiple refections of the mirror cladding. Photography by José Hevia. 

6. Rob Paulus Architects Designs Portal into the World of Craft Cocktails in Tucson, Arizona

Rob Paulus Architects took the concept of a portal to heart when designing this cavernous cocktail lounge. The angled geometry of the entry kaleidoscope, bar, and light blade above juxtapose against the curving walls and ceiling of the dirigible interior. Photography by Logan Havens. 

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