June 5, 2017

7 Creative Ways to Integrate LEDs in Cabinetry and Storage

Recently, the design industry has made a marked shift toward LEDs, a sustainable alternative to conventional lighting. Using an impressive 90 percent less energy than standard incandescent bulbs, LEDs boast a strong and sturdy design that makes handling easier during project construction, installation, and transportation. Due to their extremely long service life—a staggering 25 years or 50,000 hours—low heat generation, and no UV rays (less risk of fading to wood finishes, fabrics, paint, and artwork), LEDs have fast become the go-to lighting solution for designers in search of illumination that bridges the gap between sustainability and functionality.

Since LEDs generate almost no heat and have a small carbon footprint, they are seeing increased use for lighting integration in cabinetry or storage. Dark, hard-to-reach spaces can now spring to life with bright, saturated illumination with no buzzing or humming. In addition to this increased functionality, LEDs can highlight the understated design details of fine wooden cabinetry—and the objects inside.

Luxury cabinetry manufacturer Wood-Mode is on the forefront of this trend, introducing the holistic Integrated Lighting Solutions range in partnership with LED industry leader Häfele. This new partnership gives designers access to Häfele lighting resources and Wood-Mode custom cabinet experts in solving any space’s lighting challenge. With the series, designers can also experiment with style and function to create a warm atmosphere, highlight design details, and light shelves and drawers.

Browse seven new integrated lighting possibilities below.

1. Under Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lighting illuminates countertops, backsplashes, and other work surfaces while reducing shadows caused by overhead lighting. Here, an independent bottom panel allows a recessed light profile to span multiple cabinets without a traditional light rail applied.

2. Interior Cabinet Lighting

Interior cabinet lighting increases functionality by illuminating the entire base, wall, or tall cabinet interior. Here, LED light profiles recessed vertically on the cabinet’s sides are switch-activated to turn on as the door opens. The integrated profile allows LED diodes to disappear under a diffuser lens cover, leaving a soft, ambient glow.

3. Drawer Lighting

Drawer lighting illuminates far reaches of drawer interiors, making storage space more usable while adding depth to wood and reflective surfaces. This solution uses a pre-wire light bar and includes a pre-installed switch at the back of the cabinet to turn lights on and off as the drawer is opened and closed.

4. Down Lighting

Down lighting, which shines light onto dark spaces beneath shelves or cabinets, creates more usable space and adds a dramatic, ornamental effect. Here, down lighting illuminates the dark open space underneath the kitchen island to showcase items and make storage more visible.

5. Mirror Lighting

Adding integrated LEDs to the vertical sides of a bathroom mirror frame seamlessly eliminates harsh shadows and high contrast. Here, integrated lighting creates a dramatic, practical appearance by washing the mirror with diffused light.

6. Fixed Shelf Lighting

An alternative to interior drawer lighting, fixed shelf lighting illuminates dark closet interiors and highlights understated design details. Here, fixed shelf lighting provides a wash effect on drawers below.

7. Wardrobe Lighting

A functional way to illuminate a wardrobe, integrated pole lighting highlights the color and texture of hanging clothes. Here, wardrobe lighting consists of LEDs placed inside a custom-length wardrobe pole and covered with a diffuser lens, which creates a more spacious feel and eliminates dark corners.

See how Wood-Mode’s integrated LED lighting solutions can illuminate your next project.

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