February 6, 2018

8 Eclectic European Eateries

European epicureans delight in these design-minded eateries.

1. Firm: Vudafieri-Saverino Partners

Project: Dry Milano

Site: Milan, Italy

Standout: The pizzeria’s exposed structure contrasts brass-finished tables and lighting fixtures with incandescent bulbs, touches that nod to 1970’s Italian dining traditions.

Firm: Michaelis Boyd. Project: Duddell’s. Site: London. Photography by Ed Reeve.

2. Firm: Michaelis Boyd 

Project: Duddell’s

Site: London, UK

Standout: A timber altar and arched windows, original to an 18th-century church, lend a majestic air, while geometric rubber flooring evokes 1960’s Hong Kong teahouses. 

Firm: Jestico + Whiles. Project: Alston Bar & Beef. Site: Manchester. Photography by James Harris.

3. Firm: Jestico + Whiles

Project: Alston Bar & Beef

Site: Manchester, UK

Standout: After descending the steel staircase, guests encounter a marble bar and backlit glass storage for bespoke gins that lends luster to Tank Petrol’s hand-painted mural.

Firm: Azovskiy + Pahomova Architects. Project: Kinza. Site: San Sebastian, Spain. Photography by Inaki Caperochipi.

4. Firm: Azovskiy + Pahomova Architects

Project: Kinza

Site: San Sebastian, Spain

Standout: Glass walls with embossed drawings brighten upholstered banquettes and furniture in Balinese wood—as do the mid-century pendants purchased at a shop next door. 

Firm: Architetto Pierluigi Piu. Project: Ristorante Olivo. Site: London. Photography courtesy of Architetto Pierluigi Piu.

5. Firm: Architetto Pierluigi Piu

Project: Ristorante Olivo

Site: London, UK

Standout: An ode to Sardinian weaving, sepia-hued stone bas-reliefs portraying lapwing birds backdrop linen tablecloths in a distinctive duck-egg color. 

Firm: COLL COLL. Project: Spejle. Site: Prague. Photography by BoysPlayNice.

6. Firm: COLL COLL 

Project: Spejle

Site: Prague, Czech Republic

Standout: Anchored by a 15-meter-long bar, Czech and Basque culinary delicacies are consumed in three dark-hued dining areas enlivened by foliage. 

Firm: OEO Studio. Project: Sticks ‘n’ Sushi. Site: Copenhagen. Photography courtesy of OEO Studio.

7. Firm: OEO Studio

Project: Sticks’n’Sushi

Site: Copenhagen, Denmark

Standout: Nordic furnishings nod to local fare, while 3D-knitted pendants, aquamarine ceramic tableware, and fishscale-shaped floor tiles bring Eastern vibes to Tivoli Gardens.

Firm: Destilat. Project: Rossbarth. Site: Linz, Austria. Photography by Monika Nguyen.

8. Firm: Destilat

Project: Rossbarth

Site: Linz, Austria

Standout: “Less is more” informs the historic building’s meticulously restored archways and locally crafted smoked-oak furnishings.

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