October 18, 2020

8 Fabrics and Wallcoverings Provide Hints of Purple

Every room needs a hint of lavender.

1. Bespoke Wall digitally printed Type II vinyl wall covering in Breeze by KnollTextiles.

2. Kelly Averill’s Glow collection leathers by Jamie Stern Design.

3. Doo-Wop in Moody Blue and Overtones in Grotto, both solution-dyed acrylic fabrics, and Fine Tune reversible rug in chenille by Perennials Fabrics & Rugs.

4. Frances nonwoven vellum wallpaper in lavender by Sarah Von Dreele.

5. Mirrored collection polypropylene fabrics by Studio Twist.

6. Lido performance velvet in polyester by Silver State Fabrics.

7. Loxo Field linen fabric in amethyst by Brook Perdigon Textiles.

8. Fox linen fabrics by de Le Cuona.

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