December 3, 2015

8 Projects by Gensler’s Brand Design Division


From type to icons, Gensler’s Brand Design division shows the way.

1. Designers: Leah Ho, Dian Duvall, Tom Horton, Sarah Szekeresh, Miriam Diaz
Project: 101 Tech 
Location: San Jose, California
Standout: Vinyl infographics were used to create an 11-stop marketing tour through a newly available, vacant office building—and helped snag a tenant.

2. Designers: Maria Nesdale, Matt Jackson, Thomas Oesterhus, Kama Koska, Anu Joshi, Louise Burnett
Project: Knowledge Dock Business Centre, University of East London
Location: London, England
Standout: Collaborative environments signaled by intersecting layers of vinyl riff on tech-sector office design.

3. Designers: John Bricker, Simon Trude, Audrey Strom, Corey Mintz, Kathryn Morse, René Cruz, Andrew Guzik, Michael Adams, Jessica Gracey, Nathan Wasilewski
Project: Row NYC 
Location: New York, New York
Standout: A revamp of one of the city’s oldest hotels includes full-height vinyl wall coverings depicting urban life, as seen through the lens of photographer Jim Krantz. 4. Designers: Beth Novitsky, Andrea Plenter Velez

4. Designers: Beth Novitsky, Andrea Plenter Velez
Project: Universidad Latinoamericana de Ciencia y Technología 
Location: San José, Costa Rica
Standout: Chartreuse accents mingle with black, white, and tinted vinyl depictions of pixels and binary code.

5. Designers: David Calkins, John Haba, Lisa Pope-Westerman, Shawna Vorhes, Jennifer Scheid, Steffany Brady
Project: TMCx 
Location: Houston, Texas
Standout: Walls feature vinyl patent drawings at Texas Medical Center’s incubator for digital-health and medical-device companies.

6. Designers: Wesley Meyer, Thomas Oesterhus, Chris Crawford
Project: TechHub 
Location: London, England
Standout: At a coworking space for tech start-ups, computer-programming icons indicate work areas, while a massive cheeseburger signals the kitchen.

7. Designers: Brian Brindisi, AJ Mapes, Matthew Calkins
Project: Brookfield Place
Location: New York, New York
Standout: Frosted acrylic and tinted stainless steel are among the materials uniting the 8 million-square-foot commercial complex.

8. Designers: Janice Cavaliere, Miriam Diaz, Jill Nickels
Project: Shutterfly 
Location: Santa Clara, California
Standout: Whimsical graphics transform a temporary space for three newly acquired brands into a unified headquarters.

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