July 16, 2018

9 Fabrics Sport Stripes and Undulations

Make a beeline for these 9 striped fabrics and wall coverings.

1. Skin Arch 48-inch Monadnock wall covering in blue by Brett Design

2. Cantilever Skyview polyester-nylon upholstery with acrylic backing by Joseph Noble

3. Belvoir viscose-cotton blend fabric by Zoffany through Style Library

4. Sauvage in Trevira CS by Lelièvre through ScalamandréStark Carpet

5. Dorothy tape trim in European linen by Stephanie Seal Brown Handwovens

6. Pinnacle III bleach-cleanable high-energy-dyed polyester-nylon in Jasper by Coral Fabrics

7. Meg Fiora’s Fitzgerald polyester fabric in amaryllis by Standard Textile

8. Arachne 50-inch cotton velvet by Brentano

9. Bold Move fabric with cotton-wrapped polyester core by Fil Doux Textiles

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