January 18, 2018

9 Lovely Lights

1. MM Lampadari

Matteo Zorzenoni turns over a new Leaf with a four-light LED chandelier inspired by spatial harmony. Measuring 36 inches across and 23 or 45 high, it’s composed of brass and stainless steel folds finished in glossy or satin copper or brass (or opt for the dramatic matte black). Other iterations on offer include 12- and 24-light versions, a wall sconce, and a floor lamp. Through Property

2. Estiluz

Revolta looks like a dream catcher—and works to solve the nightmare of noisy rooms. The steel frame encircles acoustic panels of sound-absorptive foam covered in eggplant, blue, or salmon fabric; acrylic diffusers surround the intergral LED lamping. Seven sizes range from 15 to 23 inches across; aluminum heads come in gold, white, or black.

3. Andlight

Cute as a Button, this LED pendant boasts a high-tension nylon rope suspension system that makes its acrylic face fully posable. The thin-profile body—less than an inch thick—is made of anodized aluminum (available in custom finishes) with matching ceiling caps. Choose between 23 2/3 and 35 1/4 inches in diameter.

4. Crea-re Studio

Morphe—Greek for form—takes all kinds of shapes. Maria Fiter’s papier-mâché pendants are unique and unrepeatable—not to mention compostable!—with canopies and lampshades made of recycled newspapers secured by water-based glue. Natural pigments are used in the colors, which include Dark English Pink, Green from Vagone, Ultramarine Dark, and Siena Natural. Diameters range from 13 to 18 1/2 inches.

5. Hollis + Morris

The Toronto studio excels at mixing solid wood and metal, and Rise is no exception. Mischa Couvrette’s sconce sites double-diode LED lamping between a circle of walnut or white oak and a larger expanse of brushed brass or copper for a striking eclipse e ect. Diameters range from 17 1⁄2 to 21 inches.

6. Joe Colombo for Oluce

Coupé, a gem from MoMA’s permanent collection, returns for its 50th anniversary with semi-spherical and semi-cylindrical shades. In table, floor, and wall lamp versions. 

7. IB Antoni for Le Klint

The Danish designer’s classic 1968 pendant, Antoni, returns as an LED beauty in modern colors like Kawo Green, Sakura Pink, Ballerina White, and Royal Black.

8. Gio Ponti for Tato

The 1957 Luna Terra Orizzontale floor lamp looks better than ever, its planetary plastic diffuser and brass and stainless-steel accents lit by LEDs.

9. Mel Smilow of Smilow Design

First introduced in 1956 and now updated by the designer’s daughter, Judy, the pendant lamps sport a handmade shade of birch sticks over linen.

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