April 26, 2018

9 Natural Lighting Fixtures

1. Stefanie Brechbuehler and Robert Highsmith’s Lodge sconce in oak and brass by Workstead

2. Obscura Cascading chandelier in sculpted hand-blown glass by Eidos Glass through Dennis Miller Associates

3. Ruche 3-D-printed shade in biodegradable PLA by Plumen

4. Jim Schatz and Peter Souza’s A17-1 LED desk lamp in stoneware by J Schatz

5. Sas Adriaenssens’s BuzziChandelier Gold in BuzziFelt with powder-coated metal
frame by BuzziSpace

6. Retta Linear LED light in machined and extruded aluminum and acrylic by Karice

7. Hive pendants in recycled cardboard by Graypants

8. Lumi table lamp in Articolo black with smoke and frosted-smoke glass shades by Articolo

9. RUX’s Double Boom LED fixture in reclaimed water-tower redwood and brass by

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