May 20, 2021

A Gelato Shop in Doha Reflects the Whimsy of M.C. Escher’s Works

Cloud & Co. features playful accents throughout, such as this suspended window seat. Photography by Futura. 

For a gelato shop in Doha, Qatar, the design team tapped into the childlike sense of wonder that often accompanies a sweet treat, referencing the whimsical works of M.C. Escher for Cloud & Co. With interiors and branding by Mexico City-based creative studio Futura, the space, which is saturated in vibrant pink and blue hues, evokes the feeling of stepping into one of Escher’s creations. “We designed an identity that would differentiate Cloud & Co. from all ice cream shops and gelato stores while seducing consumers with this new gelato culture,” share the Futura team. The shop invites visitors to take part in a sensory experience informed by contrasting colors and geometric forms. Gelato is served among blue-hued ceiling and walls while additional seating, including a suspended window seat, can be found through the archways that reveal layers of bubblegum pink. The design mission? To create an otherworldly gelato shop that marks a departure from the constraints and stresses of life just beyond its doors, and Cloud & Co. succeeds in doing just that. 

Informal tiered seating near the gelato counter. Photography by Futura. 
The gelato counter, which unites the blue and pink areas of the store, features a subtle terrazzo surface. Photography by Futura. 
The branding reflects Cloud & Co.’s overall design with illustrations that depict geometric figures and bold colors. Futura Photography by Futura. 
Floor-to-ceiling shades of pink envelop guests in the lounge area. Photography by Futura. 

A ball installation by the front window creates intrigue for those passing by. Photography by Futura. 
The Cloud & Co. exterior hints at the dreamscape inside. Photography by Futura. 

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