A Natural Palette Warms an Eye Clinic in Tai Yuan, China

2023 Best of Year Winner for Clinic

To bring a dose of calm to the worrying process of having a procedure done at a hospital eye clinic, Karv One Design instituted a warm, simple palette that eschews sterility for Starry Ophthalmic Hospital in Tai Yuan, China. Natural-wood paneling and curvilinear white-plaster soffits form the basis of the interiors, and are combined with cosseting, rounded seating and the soothing salve of greenery. Bright, sunny zones at the window wall are reserved for public waiting areas. Elsewhere across the 13,300 square feet, the Kelvin temperature is primarily low and gentle, taking into account the light sensitivity of post-operative patients. It’s a way to ensure recuperating feels just that little bit more comfortable.

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a circular ceiling drops down over the reception desk
light green dividers in the Starry Ophthalmic Hospital

Kyle Chan; Jimmy Ho.

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