July 8, 2021

A Snapshot of Sergey Ananiev’s Bold, Camera-Ready Apartment in Moscow, Russia

Neutral tones brighten the minimalist common room. Photography by Sergey Ananiev.

When tasked with developing a photogenic home that reflects the aesthetics and values of its owner, interior photographer Sergey Ananiev, designer Marina Kutuzova set out to capture his vision two-fold. Situated in a mid-20th century building in Moscow, the compact apartment called for an update to suit Ananiev, his wife, and their three children. A series of space-opening renovations created a second bathroom as well as an abundance of closets, a boon for the roughly 1,000-square-foot area. Most rooms also serve more than one function—the office can double as a den, for example, and the kitchen shares space with the common room. Such dualities are evoked in the furnishings as well, where wood and metal materials often entwine in a representation of warmth and function. Perhaps most striking is the use of bold color blocking, which separates the space into two parts, says Kutuzova. Shared areas are bright and minimalistic where natural light is abundant, such as the common room, which forgoes the need for textiles or drapes. More intimate areas, such as the main bedroom, are defined with darker shades of blue, red, purple, and grey, which often continue onto the ceilings, to set a relaxed atmosphere without compromising character. Repurposed vintage accents and furnishings throughout further personalize the contemporary space, creating a versatile setting for the photographer and his family on and off camera.

Metal and wood is a signature materials combination throughout the apartment, embodied in a vintage armchair and laser-cut screen behind it. Photography by Sergey Ananiev.
The kitchen features a geometric tile backsplash, retro-inspired light fixtures, and a dining table with vintage, gold-accented chairs fit for the whole family. Photography by Sergey Ananiev.
Ananiev’s collection of antique cameras decorate an asymmetrical shelf. Photography by Sergey Ananiev.
Steeped in dark, cool-toned hues, the main bedroom offers a place of repose. Photography by Sergey Ananiev.
Red and purple accents pop between the main bedroom and office space, which share a connecting wall. Photography by Sergey Ananiev.
A shelving unit frames the multi-use office, which includes a camouflaged seating area and dual desk space. Photography by Sergey Ananiev.
Ananiev’s eldest children share a bunk bed in an imaginative, purple room. Photography by Sergey Ananiev.

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