March 31, 2016

A Tokyo Hostel Surrounds Bunk Beds with Plywood Shelves Offering 1,700 Books

Imagine if your favorite bookstore also offered overnight accommodation. That was Suppose Design Office Co.’s premise for Book and Bed, a Tokyo hostel with a twist. After booking, ahem, and checking in, guests are free to read any of the 1,700 volumes available. They’re displayed in a plywood built-in that dominates a 2,000-square-foot space illuminated with the help of a chandelier composed of books attached to metal mesh. To reach many of the bunks, guests first climb a library-style sliding ladder, then pull aside a privacy curtain to reveal an opening in the shelving. Inside are a mattress and, naturally, a lamp. Unlike at a bookstore, however, all reading material must stay behind to be enjoyed by the next traveling bibliophile. 

Photography by Jimmy Cohrssen.

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