March 25, 2021

Aaron Neubert Architects Designs Sustainable Garden House in L.A.

Given integrated gardens and operable window systems, passive heating and cooling is effective throughout the yearPhotography by Brian Thomas Jones. 

When developing an exposed corner lot next to the Silver Lake Reservoir in Los Angeles, homeowners challenged architect Aaron Neubert to create a private yet light-filled house with sweeping garden views. “We were excited and challenged by the possibilities the corner condition posed and interested to explore the ability for multiple orientations and connections to the local environment,” says Neubert. The spine of the resulting home wraps around a central garden while connecting to a series of pavilions bordered by secondary gardens and lush landscapes, complete with native plants and trees irrigated through rainwater catch basins. 

We’ve been interested for some time with the idea of a ‘total site design,’ therefore we merged these ideas to invert the typical idea of a home built on a parcel of land and pursued an idea that the home and the landscape were designed in unison and inextricably linked,” Neubert continues. Environmentally beneficial design solutions, such as rainwater capture and passive heating and cooling capabilities, enable the home to function in harmony with its surroundings. As Neubert says: “The design direction began with the carving of landscapes out of the volume of the home,” resulting in an airy yet secluded abode. 

The floors are a wide-plank European oak and the handrails are powder-coated steel and glass assembly. Photography by Brian Thomas Jones. 
The cabinets, made of rift-sawn white oak, are complemented by quartz-marble counters and tile from Clé Tile. Photography by Brian Thomas Jones. 
The rooms offer views of the nearby lake, meadow, and hills while also opening into and looking across the gardens. Photography by Brian Thomas Jones. 
Expansive windows link the interiors to the outdoor gardens, while also cooling the home and flooding it with natural light. Photography by Brian Thomas Jones. 
Like the kitchen, the bathroom also features quartz-marble counters and tile from Clé Tile. Photography by Brian Thomas Jones. 
The exterior of the house features Shou Sugi Ban charred cypress wood, a steel troweled smooth stucco, and dark anodized aluminum windows from Fleetwood. Photography by Brian Thomas Jones. 

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