February 14, 2017

Alessandro Isola Delivers a Cool Touch to a Miami Pied-à-Terre

A laid-back, sand-between-the-toes spirit pervades this sophisticated pied-à-terre. “The look is intentionally unusual, but there’s also a sense of fun because we’re in Miami Beach,” Alessandro Isola says. It’s a vision in white, accented by water tones.

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The apartment is one of 26 that Interior Design Hall of Fame member John Pawson conceived for the Ian Schrager Company’s Residences at the Miami Beach Edition. Some occupy a new structure on top of the hotel’s original 1950’s building. The unit renovated by Isola’s namesake architecture firm for Italian owners, however, is in a neighboring building. Working within Pawson’s characteristically minimal 1,500-square-foot layout, Isola delivered a two-bedroom that can accommodate a couple and up to four children.

Leather upholsters the master bedroom’s custom platform. Photography by Kris Tamburello.

Multipurpose features make that possible. The master bedroom can double as a private lounge of sorts, thanks to the bed’s white leather-upholstered platform, which extends far beyond the mattress to invite daytime relaxation. In the children’s room, the same leather covers padded paneling that wraps from the walls to the ceiling and even part of the floor. “It’s a tiny room, so I turned it into a raised cocoon that frames views of the sea,” he says. “The padding also gives the kids a soft play area.” Better yet, the paneling conceals a pair of pull-down bunks to supplement the two beds opposite.

Small modifications to the kitchen and bathrooms made a big difference. In the former, he livened up the existing stainless steel and white with splashes of blue. Pendant fixtures have globes in ombré teal Venetian glass. For benches, he sawed a tree trunk into segments, then coated the sides in turquoise resin for what he calls a conceptual “merging of land and water”—a process that took him eight months to perfect. In the children’s bathroom, he replaced a too-small wall-mounted sink with a freestanding cylindrical version.

Built-in shelving in the apartment’s living area along is powder-coated aluminum. Photography by Kris Tamburello.

Storage is another design motif. In the living area, a wall of shelving is powder-coated in graduated blues, like a wave rolling past.

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