September 25, 2013

All the Buzz: Stumptown Comes to Greenwich Village

Coffee culture is big in New York. But it’s huge in Portland, Oregon. So when Portland’s Stumptown Coffee Roasters decided to open a stand-alone café in Greenwich Village, founder Duane Sorenson called on a fellow City of Roses native, Osmose principal Andee Hess, for the design.

The location is prime: a landmarked corner site, 1,400 square feet with a storied past as the Eighth Street Bookshop. Honoring that history, Osmose lined red-oak shelves with vintage books—but tongue-in-cheek pulp fiction and sci-fi paperbacks instead of the expected leather-bound tomes. The handcraft that Portland is known for comes through in a style that could be called tweaked referential. Witness the plaster ceiling’s take on pressed-tin tiles. Reclaimed church pews and pendant fixtures? Further evidence that Portland has arrived.

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