November 6, 2018

An NKBA Insider’s View

Richard Anuszkiewicz

Lead Kitchen Designer, Design Galleria Kitchen and Bath Studio, Nashville, Tennessee

A 2010 graduate of Virginia Tech’s NKBA-accredited Residential Design program, Richard Anuszkiewicz (a.k.a. “Richard A-to-Z”) was named to NKBA’s Thirty Under 30 inaugural class of 2013.

“I was always influenced by art, design and materials,” says Richard, 30. “Around sixth grade, I became obsessed with interiors, so I pursued this passion. I went into the design program at Virginia Tech with a thought toward home design, and when I was exposed to the NKBA’s program, I found my niche in kitchen and bath design.”

Joined NKBA: In 2007, as a student.

Go-To Design Element: I love to paint the interiors of cabinets and drawers red — it’s a surprise, and a fun signature! Also, clients need to invest in fully integrated appliances, fully paneled, integrated into the space. This increases the design aesthetic.

Inspiration: The intersection of high fashion with other areas of design.

Number of kitchens/baths designed: At this point, it’s definitely in the hundreds.

Quartz or Granite? Actually, my go-to is natural marble or natural quartzite. Most consumers aren’t as familiar with quartzite. it looks a bit more exotic, it’s a natural stone, beautiful and durable.

Giving Back: I’m part of the 2019 NKBA Insider program… it’s a big honor — and responsibility — representing the luxury segment. Part of our goal is to change consumers’ mindsets of what the kitchen could or should be.

I’ve always searched for a mentor, someone to look up to. Now I want to be that person and help students in any way I can. I conduct seminars around the country, and I’m active with the Anne Arundel Community College design program, an NKBA Affiliated School.

Shout Out: The Virginia Tech Advisory Board. I was very active in the NKBA student chapter and the advisory board was extremely helpful and supportive to me along the way. I’m still in touch with many of them.

On KBIS: I attended my first KBIS in 2008. It was very inspirational, an a-ha moment for me, and solidified my commitment to this industry. It’s very powerful to be in the presence of others who share your passion. It proves we are all in this together.

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