July 21, 2021

Anders Lasater Architects Updates a Mid-Century Home in Laguna Beach, California

The kitchen island features a pop of saffron yellow, reminiscent of the hues often seen in the family’s native South Africa. Photography courtesy of Chad Mellon Photography. 

When a family from South Africa spotted a mid-century home with ocean views in Laguna Beach, California, they enlisted
 Anders Lasater, founder of his namesake firm, to make it their own. “With an active family like these folks, we wanted to make sure there was enough room for them to live the life they want to live,” says Lasater. As part of that plan, the design team created ample room to entertain and unwind indoors and out, including a pool and upper-level deck, which connect to the interiors through several floor-to-ceiling openings. The kitchen, which Lasater referred to as the “command and control” center of the home, also offers an unobstructed sightline throughout the lower level, enabling the couple to keep an eye on their three children. “A lot of strategy went into understanding how the family would use the home, so we could create spaces in the right location relative to those activities,” he adds. The resulting space honors the history of the original 1960s design, while bringing it into the present day with technology, finishes, and pops of color that reflect the narrative of the family within it. 

The kitchen skylight is a glass coffee table on the upper deck above. Photography courtesy of Chad Mellon Photography. 
The back wall of the pool features the same pattern as the kitchen island, but in cool blue tones, bookending the sightline. Photography courtesy of Chad Mellon Photography. 
The floating staircase also includes a skylight and is concealed from the living area by a series of wood slats. Photography courtesy of Chad Mellon Photography. 
The main bedroom has floor-to-ceiling windows that open to an outdoor deck. Photography courtesy of Chad Mellon Photography. 
The bathroom off of the main bedroom is located in the front of the house, so milk glass is used to let in light while safeguarding privacy. Photography courtesy of Chad Mellon Photography. 
The geometries in the home also are reflected in the outdoor spaces. Photography courtesy of Chad Mellon Photography.  
A custom glass coffee table built into the upper deck lets light into the kitchen below and is sturdy enough to walk on, creating a playful accent in the home. Photography courtesy of Chad Mellon Photography. 

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