October 8, 2020

Anton Anger’s Studio Meadow Welcomes 3sixteen to New York with Refined Nolita Space

A striking archway separates the main retail area at the front of the store from the private back room used for personal styling appointments. Photography by Colby Edwards.

Anton Anger, a former Roman & Williams designer currently in a senior position at Studio Tack, decided he needed another creative outlet, and founded the small but mighty Studio Meadow. Dedicated to working closely with clientele on the pursuit of creating genuine human connections within a space, Studio Meadow’s latest boutique project, contemporary menswear store 3sixteen’s Manhattan flagship, expands his work with repeat client and long-time friend, owner Andrew Chen.

Minimalist furniture spotlights the clothing and accessories for sale throughout the store. Photography by Colby Edwards. 

Both longtime New Yorkers, Anger and Chen initially collaborated on the design of 3sixteen’s first store in Los Angeles. Excited to be back in the New York groove, 3sixteen’s flagship in Nolita is a homage to the brands’ roots. The dedication to quality in each handmade garment is echoed by the store’s interiors, where use of local industrial materials is channeled into a sensitive display of design. Inspired by 3sixteen’s use of highly textured and unique textiles, the retail shop’s palette is filled with expressive old-growth and reclaimed wood, textured hand-troweled walls and century-old brick. The design of the shop blends contemporary architecture and custom furniture design with locally sourced antiques.

Wooden alcoves built into the wall offer a display for artful accessories. Photography by Colby Edwards.

The ode to New York goes beyond materials—forms like the defining archway at the shop’s center pay homage to the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge, Anger’s favorite New York City bridge. “It’s an understated bridge in the city,” Anger begins, “and we wanted that sentiment to translate into the store as well.” Studio Meadow focused on designing a monastic experience for guests, creating an intuitive layout that encourages customers to slowly peruse the shop. 

3sixteen and Studio Meadow’s signature angular clothing hooks. Photography by Colby Edwards. 

A standout detail that affects all elements of the interior experience are 3sixteen’s angular clothing hangers. Developed with Arrowhead as the fabricator in North Carolina, the weighted hangers fit into notches in the hangbar, allowing for ample spacing between each item. “The intent was to make each garment stand out,” Anger explains, noting that the geometric hangers make the clothes standout even more.

The lounge in the private back room offers an inviting place for customers to relax during their styling appointments. Photography by Colby Edwards.

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