January 1, 2021

Arden Studio Harnesses the Power of Glass to Elevate Workplace Style and Function

Custom designs can be etched or laminated onto a variety of Arden Studio’s glass screens. Photography courtesy of Arden Studio.

After nearly a year of remote work, offices around the globe are in the midst of a total transformation. Now, employers and employees are seeking workplaces that function more like collaborative hubs rather than full-time destinations, which means designers must reinvent the model of what such a space looks like. To do this, many are seeking out multi-use, flexible products, such as moveable glass boards.

Adcom’s “Green Room” finished with an Arden Studio dry-erase board made up of many panels. Photography by Derryl Strong.

Artful and innovative, Arden Studio develops glass boards and other visual communication tools that seamlessly meld into any space, enabling designers to create structured yet functional divisions within a room. The American manufacturer has mastered the art of creating glass products with more than half a century of expertise, drawing on the material’s durability and versatility. The mobility of its screens and partitions enables users to reconfigure workspaces to best suit their evolving needs for years to come, with the inherent safety of a bleach-cleanable material.

A saturated yellow serves as a bright accent in a room, while allowing any writing to pop. Photography courtesy of Arden Studio.

“The commercial grade of the product elevates the experience to be like a bespoke or boutique project,” says Leslie DiNovi, a Cleveland-based architect whose project for marketing firm Adcom includes over 50 Arden Studio glass boards. “Every little component is thought about,” she continues, noting the coordination between various Arden Studio tools.

White writing boards with coordinating storage strays extend off the wall to reveal a colored boarder. Photography courtesy of Arden Studio.

The environmentally-friendly, water-based paint used to color the glass boards is matched throughout the overall suite of products—from boards to mobile panels to storage solutions—for an overall complete, considered, and coherent office set-up. For a highly visual and collaborative marketing firm, DiNovi notes how the boards enable employees to take an interactive and dynamic approach to their work, pointing out that the product’s many colors create an inspiring “matrix” of sorts in the space.

A mobile panel with a built-in alcove to store markers and erasers. Photography courtesy of Arden Studio. 
An Arden Studio board blends into the wall in an Adcom meeting room. Photography by Derryl Strong.

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