January 30, 2021

Art Deco Meets Mid-Century in Istanbul Coworking Space Designed by Stüdyo AB

Different shapes and textures come together in the central bar and lounge area. Photography by Emre Dörter.

On the European side of Istanbul, the Assembly Ferko Signature tower stands out as a modern addition to the city’s ancient skyline. An office rental space agency with designated workplaces for its clients, Assembly Ferko also offers a membership program that grants freelancers and small teams’ access to a coworking space in its Turkish headquarters. Originally a parking lot, founder and principal of local design Stüdyo AB, Asli Baysan Birgen says she had to “bring the drama” to the underground locale.

A large meeting room with an Arto Deco inspired console. Photography by Emre Dörter.

Working without natural light, Baysan ensured the colors and textures throughout the 27,000-square-foot space created a sultry vibe, reminiscent of a VIP cigar-lounge. She describes the guiding inspiration as “Art Deco with a mid-century attitude,” incorporating soft curves and rounded edges favored by the client. “We designed the space like we closed the windows on purpose—it’s like a secure underground club,” says Baysan, noting that the design inspires a professional and poised attitude.

The hallways connection the different room are conversly white and open for zen transitional spaces. Photography by Abdullah Gül.

Beyond the café, members can access a series of meeting rooms, each featuring a palette of blacks, tans, and warm oranges. A mix of custom and locally-sourced furnishings throughout creates a harmonious balance, merging the old with the new.

A room set up for individual work. Photography by Abdullah Gül.
Small royal blue accents make their way into the main café and lounge area. Photography by Emre Dörter.
Wall alcoves are filled in with cylindrical columns of cushioning.  Photography by Emre Dörter.
Much to Baysan’s surprise, the plants throughout the space, such as this small tree, have thrived in their underground spots. Photography by Abdullah Gül.
A three-toned table balances the colors of the room and chairs. Photography by Emre Dörter.

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