a trendy coffee shop with futuristic elements

This Interstellar Cafe is Designed for Gen Zers

2023 Best of Year Winner for Coffee/Tea

Trendy designer toys are a multibillion-dollar market in this country. Among them is ROBBi, a rabbitlike collectible inspired by the lunar rover Yutu, named for a mythic bunny that lives on the moon. Art Toy Café, a futuristic, 35,000-square-foot space in Cangzhou, China, invites Gen Zers to imagine themselves as explorers like ROBBi. Drawing on space capsules, Kris Lin International Design envisioned an interstellar living room where patrons order at the sleek white-marble bar, take selfies on the sofa beside a life-size ROBBi, and drift off under a grid of bright lights. Polished stainless-steel chairs by Toni Grilo and custom tables resembling Saturn complete the caffeinated science-fiction vibe.

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a statue of ROBBI,  a rabbitlike bunny character at the Art Toy Café
the restroom of a trendy and futuristic coffee shop
translucent seats at a futuristic coffee shop
a trendy coffee shop with futuristic elements


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