August 1, 2018

Artful Rug Collection by Henzel Studio Muses on Brooklyn

Park Slope Raw Ice Daydreaming rug.

Calle Henzel hails from Sweden, but New York’s hippest borough is the muse for Henzel Studio’s latest art-rug collection. Park Slope Raw Ice’s interpretation of the Brooklyn neighborhood’s architecture is abstract, however, so don’t expect a brownstone tour. Instead, references to early 20th-century cubism and 1960’s modernism emerge from muted colors and neutral grounds. “The designs are not hemmed in or overly defined by their New York origins,” Henzel explains. Artisans in Nepal spend months hand-weaving bamboo silk, in a 12-step process, to produce each of the 26 patterns. They include two shown with a ragged border, Ready or Not as well as Daydreaming, and two shown with a cut border, Duke and In Common.

Park Slope Raw Ice In Common rug.
Park Slope Raw Ice Ready Or Not rug.
Park Slope Raw Ice Duke rug.

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