November 1, 2018

Artistic Tile Dives Into the Colorful, Ornamental Marbles of Antiquity

Weston by Artistic Tile.

As a counterpoint to the gray-and-white aesthetic that has dominated the stone industry of late, Artistic Tile dives into the colorful, ornamental marbles of antiquity. The company’s latest offerings modernize classical mosaics, inspired by a trip founder Nancy Epstein made to Italy with her family. There’s the kinetically charged triangles of Sail Fete, Weston, and Triangolo, the tiny squares of Quadro and Morningside Heights, and the sharp geometries of Strada and Tappeti. Marbles such as the umber Rosso Francia, pink Rosa Portogallo, and green Verde Alpi recall the palettes popular in the 1980’s and ’90’s but feel fresh again, Epstein says, connecting the recent past to the hallowed history of the medium.

Strada by Artistic Tile.
Triangolo by Artistic Tile.
Quadro by Artistic Tile.
Tappeti by Artistic Tile.
Morningside Heights by Artistic Tile.
Sail Fete by Artistic Tile.

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