June 3, 2021

Atelier Right Hub Draws on Ancient Rituals for a Modern Spa in Hangzhou, China

The spa is outfitted with custom furnishings, such as the sunken lounge sofa by Atelier Right Hub framed by an arched window. Photography by Studio FF (Tian Fangfang), Studio RH. 

For thousands of years, healers have used singing bowls made of precious metals to balance the body and mind through sound. Drawing on the austere aesthetic and healing properties of these bowls, local firm Atelier Right Hub designed Soul Realm SPA’s first location in Hangzhou, China, as a meditative space that fosters mental and physical wellbeing. Located on the 13th floor of a commercial building by the Qiantang river, the team navigated the building’s existing columns by creating a labyrinth of circular forms. The resulting space features a nearly monastic interior. Guests immediately are immersed in a monochromatic palette of white clay punctuated by subtle teal accents, while a custom U-shaped sunken sofa with sweeping city views invites moments of reflection and socialization between spa services. The orderly space, like the singing bowls that informed its design, serves as a vessel for spiritual exploration, awakening the senses through layers of texture and visuals. 

Due to the spa’s spatial composition, lighting is not homogeneous—many areas use minimal light introduced in subtle ways. Photography by Studio FF (Tian Fangfang), Studio RH. 
The city view invites a moment of reflection. Photography by Studio FF (Tian Fangfang), Studio RH. 
The interiors appear cavelike at times, given the the curved ceiling, streamlined walls, and unexpected twists and turns throughout. Photography by Studio FF (Tian Fangfang), Studio RH. 
A continuous silicone neon strip along the undulating junction of curved walls and floor illuminates the narrow walkways. Photography by Studio FF (Tian Fangfang), Studio RH. 

The design team mirrored the circular elements and layout seen throughout in the massage room and bathroom. Photography by Studio FF (Tian Fangfang), Studio RH. 
The custom brass garment hanger by Atelier Right Hub also features space for customers to store jewelry and small items. Photography by Studio FF (Tian Fangfang), Studio RH. 

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