September 7, 2017

Atrafloor Debuts Patterned Vinyl Flooring

Drop by Atrafloor.

Richard Wilde is off the wall—and on the floor. The managing director of the wall-covering source Milexa has launched Atrafloor with the mission of pairing on-trend design and pioneering technology for a user-friendly, turnkey flooring solution. After measuring a space, designers choose from a nearly limitless variety of vinyl patterns. Custom-printed, with a durable wear layer and premium cushioning, the goods are then shipped to the site for installation according to a step-by-step guide. Geometrics include striped Slant, op-art Cube, and fashion-inspired Argyle. Among the faux treatments, Elgin simulates white marble. In a more playful vein, multicolored Drop speaks to the young at heart.

Slant by Atrafloor.
Elgin by Atrafloor.
Argyle by Atrafloor.
Cube by Atrafloor.

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