May 1, 2018

Award-Winning Tile Collection Introduces a Colorful Addition

A mosaic of all four series in the Murals collection. Photography by Gregor Ramaekers, courtesy of Mosa Tile.

Time-honored tile has been known for centuries as being extraordinarily versatile, easy to produce, and easy to install. With the advent of digital application techniques, advances in glazing, and sustainable material sourcing, tile is proving that it’s not just a product of the past.

Mosa has been making a strong case for tile’s potential with a full suite of on-trend, sustainable products. The award-winning Murals collection already features three series—Blend, Change, and Lines—that incorporate architecture and artistry. Now, Mosa introduces its newest series, Fuse.

Light and neutral tiles from the Murals collection. Photography by Gregor Ramaekers, courtesy of Mosa Tile.

Fuse plays with color gradients and tone variations in a way that injects dynamism into a space. Focused on creating a fluid and animated effect, Fuse brings a subtle sense of movement to the spaces it graces. The series comes in eight colors and three tile sizes and has a silky-smooth tactile finish that communicates Mosa’s experience and dedication to expert tile making. 

Cool-toned grays and browns from the Murals Collection. Photography by Gregor Ramaekers, courtesy of Mosa Tile.

“Fuse was inspired by contemporary trends in architecture like the creation of warm, colorful atmospheres with an eclectic touch; the use of outspoken colors to create monochromatic spaces; and the combination of different textures and materials in one composed surface,” says Ermanno Testa, Mosa’s head of product management and innovation. “By experimenting with glaze surfaces, gloss gradations, colors, and color gradients, we created a new wall tile series that adds a new dimension to the existing Mosa Murals collection and is unique in its class.”

Close-up of the Murals mosaic. Photography by Gregor Ramaekers, courtesy of Mosa Tile.

Fuse can also complement the other lines in the Murals collection to create a diverse toolbox of rich tile options for designers working in interior and exterior spaces. And like all Mosa products, the entire Murals collection is Cradle to Cradle certified and meets current and future sustainable construction standards.

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