May 10, 2020

Bean Buro’s Duplex Is Designed for Serenity

a home's living area filled with natural light from glass walls
“Inspired by the idea of ‘mental cleansing’, we created ritualistic user experiences throughout the apartment, with playful moments meant to stimulate social interactions, and other areas meant to promote relaxation and the appreciation of the natural surroundings,” explains Bean Buro cofounder Lorène Faure. Photography courtesy of Bean Buro.

Embrace Connect Purify: Bean Buro’s Stylish and Serene Duplex Design

Embrace Connect Purify is a spacious duplex in Mount Pavilia, Clear Water Bay, on the outskirts of Hong Kong, that was recently completed by Bean Buro for New World Development.

The three words that make up the title of the project abstractly reference the firm’s overall intent: “Our concept was an architectural approach that created cozy volumes on the upper floor that would embrace one another, and that are connected by a dramatic staircase to the lower floor social space and external terrace.

The resulting composition is a ritualistic sequence that would ‘purify’ the minds of the users, to create a calm and tranquil experience at home,” explains Lorène Faure, who co-founded the Hong Kong Studio with Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui in 2013.

a green marble countertop matches a dining table of the same material in this home
A unique green marble finish lines the long wall of the dining room and is meant to create a dialogue with the surrounding greenery. However, it is the bespoke Bean Table crafted from the same green marble which steals the scene. The table is paired with the curvy Stabellö chair by Japanese designer, Tomoko Azumi. Photography courtesy of Bean Buro.

The 2,500-square-foot home intends to push the boundaries of residential designs with the use of spatial composition and the insertion of well-being concepts. Environmentally-friendly products were a top priority and smart home technology was incorporated throughout, including circadian lighting systems that change according to the time of day.

There are built-in bookshelves and cozy banquettes, as well as playful circular cut-out windows and rounded elements on repeat. Timber slats line the walls to create a sense of rhythm—and bespoke elements in soothing color and materials riff on the surrounding natural environment.

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a green marble dining table with amorphous edges
A detail of the green marble table. Photography courtesy of Bean Buro.
a staircase opens to a bench seat inside a minimalist home
“It was a rigorous process in refining various bespoke details using high-quality materials,” shares co-founder Kinugasa-Tsui. Photography courtesy of Bean Buro.
a timber-slat hallway makes add dramatic flair to a home
Timber slats line the walls creating a sense of rhythm and continue into the staircase for a dramatic vertical experience that connects the two floors. Photography courtesy of Bean Buro.
a timber-slat hallway across from a bench seat in a home
The timber slat-lined hallway incorporates concealed storage, open niche displays, and built-in banquette seating. Subtle lighting adds a sublime and transcending effect. Photography courtesy of Bean Buro.
a daybed next to a pastel pink wall with playful cut outs
Circular cut-out windows create playful thresholds between different rooms, allowing for peek-a-boo views and picturesque framing. Photography courtesy of Bean Buro.
a children's bedroom with a bunk bed and giraffe toy
The children’s room features a whimsical loft bed and multiple play spaces. Photography courtesy of Bean Buro.
a minimalist bedroom with under-shelf lighting on one wall
The master bedroom continues these leitmotifs. Photography courtesy of Bean Buro.
an outdoor terrace with blue and grey seating surrounded by greenery
The lower-level dining and living room area opens to a large outdoor terrace. Photography courtesy of Bean Buro.

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