April 10, 2017

Bean Buro Unveils Flexible Coworking Space in Hong Kong

Bean Buro’s computer rendering of the Hong Kong facility shows how open lounges connect enclosed offices and meeting rooms. Image courtesy of Bean Buro.

In the 19th century, Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay was actually a bay, and on its shore was a bustling village of fishermen gutting their catch under canopies that provided shade from the tropical sun. Now that Causeway Bay is the name of a high-rise shopping district, Bean Buro has updated those canopies and moved them indoors—to top various freestanding enclosures at the Work Project. These curved forms are veneered in teak and lined with blue-green acoustical fabric.

Taking advantage of the 15-foot ceiling with a raised meeting room. Photography courtesy of Bean Buro.

The four-level, 33,000-square-foot coworking space offers 74 enclosed offices, for teams from two to 12 people. To maximize daylight without sacrificing privacy, offices’ corridor-facing windows are frosted glass at eye level and clear glass above. For those sitting out in the open at workstations, tall bookcases provide delineation. Shared amenities include an events space with a capacity of over 100 guests.

The café’s plant wall by Patrick Blanc. Photography courtesy of Bean Buro.

“We pushed the ‘hospitality’ factor to the limit,” Bean Buro director Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui says. Creatives can gather at a café that features a verdant feature wall by Patrick Blanc, who pioneered the vertical garden.

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The reception station veneered in teak and lined with acoustical fabric. Photography courtesy of Bean Buro.

Felt-covered pendant fixtures above workstations. Photography courtesy of Bean Buro.

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