October 19, 2018

Best Practice Leans on Materiality for Seattle Menswear Boutique Eames NW

Simple materials employed effectively can elevate a space. Case in point is a Seattle menswear boutique, Eames NW, designed by Best Practice. The client, Adrian Eames, wanted a special place to display and sell clothing and sneakers, so the firm responded with an emphasis on materiality. The result is curated and special but masculine. A plywood feature wall with recycled denim inserts evokes rhythm and energy. “Not only does it help give texture and warmth to the space, it acts as an acoustic absorption,” partner Kailin Gregga says.

Powder-coated steel displays, paired with more plywood, are sprinkled throughout. Jeans hang on hand-stitched leather straps. LEDs throughout illuminate the merchandise. Oversize custom upholstered poufs provide a place to try on sneakers—or take a breather. But the firm knows how to leave well enough alone: An existing concrete wall, which fits in with the aesthetic, was simply polished.

Cubbies below the stair are plywood. Photography by Ed Sozinho.
An existing concrete wall was polished. Photography by Ed Sozinho.
Recycled denim is incorporated into a feature wall. Photography by Ed Sozinho.
Custom seating is upholstered in Maharam fabric. Photography by Ed Sozinho.
Stairs lead to an added mezzanine. Photography by Ed Sozinho.
Displays are custom. Photography by Ed Sozinho.

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