August 23, 2019

Biasol Thinks Pink for Bubble Tea Shop Ambrosia in China

Fibonacci Stone’s Pavlova terrazzo covers the floors, walls, counter, and tables. Photography by James Morgan.

The enduring popularity of bubble tea has proved its frothy appeal won’t pop any time soon. Particularly in China, where Ambrosia, a new shop in trendy Shenzhen, enlisted Melbourne, Australia-based Biasol to design a concept as effervescent as the beverage it serves.

Principal Jean-Pierre Biasol looked to a far older structure for inspiration for the space, which is a relatively narrow and compact 287 square feet. “The minimalist form is based on siheyuan, or traditional Chinese courtyard houses,” he says. “Their paifang, or architectural gateways, achieve a sense of flow,” as does the placement of a service counter in the center of the space, with a menu wall on the left and seating on the right.

A neon light offers inspiration—Be My Best Cup of Tea—above a custom banquette in creamy greige. Photography by James Morgan.

For a sense of unity, a blushing terrazzo covers not only the floors, but also lower sections of the walls, tabletops integrated into banquettes, and even the front counter. “The soft-pink palette is calming and sensory,” Biasol says, “and as sweet and refreshing as bubble tea itself.”

The Biasol team installed pendants in bubble-like formations. Photography by James Morgan.
Custom beverage holders continue Ambrosia’s pink theme wherever customers take them. Photography by James Morgan.
The front end of the relatively narrow space displays a menu, also in Ambrosia pink. Photography by James Morgan.
Wood arches with opaque glass and folding doors frame Ambrosia’s entrance. Photography by James Morgan.

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