September 27, 2020

Bidgood + Co Infuses Victoria, British Columbia Coffee Shop With Pops of Color

Bidgood chose a light wood for the bench seating from British Columbia maple trees, sourced from local millworkers. Photography by James Jones.  

When the Hey Happy coffee shop in the historic Market Square neighborhood in Victoria, British Columbia, expanded its interior space, owners Brad Holmes and Rob Kettner knew exactly which local designer to call. A past collaborator, and frequent patron of the café, Kyla Bidgood, founder and principal of Bidgood + Co. Interiors, happily signed on—excited to upgrade the long and narrow space in the heritage building downtown. Working off of the café’s original industrial features and signature color scheme, Bidgood sought out to capture Hey Happy’s uplifting and casual essence.

The planters suspended in the wall cutouts are custom. The benches and tables pictured are part of the original design which Bidgood mirrored on the other side of the wall. Photography by James Jones. 

Bidgood’s starting point came when she, Holmes and Kettner decided to expand the space to include a commercial kitchen, hidden behind the back wall, and more seating to become a full-service joint. To work in the elements from the old space and create a coherent, updated look, Bidgood added cantilevered seating that is mirrored perfectly on both sides of the demising wall that separates the two dining areas, appearing as though the bench goes through to the other side.

The baristas’ open work station—and the wall cutouts—allow them to see customers throughout the entire coffee shop, providing a safe and secure work environment. Photography by James Jones. 

Design elements, such as chipboards and galvanized metal on the service counter, were original details in the space that Bidgood “didn’t want to repeat, but didn’t want to ignore.” For her modernist take, Bidgood added corrugated metal to the bases of the tables, pickup wall, and service counter, in addition to chrome-forward light fixtures.

The extended space features a kitchen in the back. Baristas walk through the kitchen to the pick up counter where they meet customers with their orders, allowing for better crowd control. Photography by James Jones. 

Given the coffee shop’s cheerful name, Bidgood wanted to ensure the finished space looked and felt friendly, leading her to add curves and rounded shapes throughout for a softening touch. The bold color palette also speaks to the overall ambiance. As Bidgood explains, the bright blue and citrus yellow of Hey Happy’s already established color scheme, “don’t translate well off the screen.” To circumvent this challenge, she opted to use what she calls “cartoon, pop-art colors” to compliment the brand’s graphic design, industrial essence, and happiness motif, creating an inviting atmosphere in the historic space.  

Hey Happy’s name appears as a shadow cast upon an industrial coffee table with soft curves. Photography by James Jones. 
Hey Happy’s graphic designer sourced the art that is featured throughout, and can be seen from the exterior through large windows. Photography by James Jones. 

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