March 27, 2014

Big Ideas: Art Craft

To connect with creativity, these 14 projects and products color outside the lines:

1. Firm: Studio Myerscough
Project: Royal London Hospital’s Children’s Trauma Center
Location: London

2. Firm: David Stark Design
Project: Whitney Museum of American Art
Location: New York

3. Firm: Moss & Lam
Project: Mural for Clement, a restaurant at the Peninsula New York hotel
Location: New York

4. Firm: Situ Studio
Project: American Folk Art Museum
Location: New York

5. Firm: Flavor Paper
Project: Wallpaper of Andy Warhol prints
Location: New York

6. Firm: Gaetano Pesce for Elica
Project: Pescecappa

7. Firm: Designtex + Wallace Sewell
Project: Upholstery patterns

8. Firm: Dzek
Project: Mormoreal marble

9. Firm: PCM Design
Project: Vases

10. Firm: Karimoku Furniture
Project: Pooh collection

11. Firm: Stephanie Goto
Project: Madhattan
Location: New York

12. Firm: Erica Stoller
Project: Traverse: 6733
Location: Brooklyn, New York

13. Firm: Stanley Felderman of FKA Studio
Project: Silver Pictures Mural
Location: Los Angeles

14. Firm: David Ling Architect
Project: Cracked Egg
Location: New York

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