July 29, 2021

Blue Hues Ground This Penthouse Apartment in Barcelona

A living room with a white sectional and colorful artwork and wood furniture
The living room features a Minotti sofa, a BSB Alfombras rug, and a custom built coffee table by The Room Studio. The dining table and cabinet are by Roche Bobois with chairs by Carl Hansen. Photography by Mauricio Fuertes. 

The color blue carries a serene yet expansive energy, much like the sea and the sky, adding a touch of whimsy to every room in this penthouse apartment in Barcelona, Spain. “Blue was the nexus of union and communication of all the rooms, as it was a very influential color for the owners,” share Meritxell Ribé and Josep Puigdomènech, creative directors of The Room Studio, who were tapped to design the 3,445-square-foot space. In line with the clients’ wishes, the color is incorporated throughout in both bold and subtle ways, from accents in lamps and artworks to wallcoverings and vibrant kitchen cabinets. Even the terrace furniture features blue-hued cushions.

But color is just one of the many layers that enliven the home. All the walls are coated in either textured paper made from linen and cottons or wooden panelling. And like shades of blue, oak wood also serves as a unifying thread. The entrance wall is clad in natural oak with moulding similar to that seen upon entering the courtesy bathroom. “With this, we have a more communicative vision of the space, as the hall and the courtesy bathroom share the same weave, changing the material to oak,” the creative directors note. The courtesy bathroom features a natural stone washbasin and a countertop made from the same oak used on the wall.

Art sourced from local galleries also plays a prominent role in the space. “When clients entrust you with art, it is an important part of the work because not only does it have to combine on a visual level, but often you also have to look for contemporary pieces that have their own language and meaning,” they assert. Yet the color blue remains the guiding design principle. “When you are given such clear premises, it’s very exciting because you start from a somewhat marked outline and you have to ensure that this outline is as functional and visually attractive as possible, and that it doesn’t clash with anything else,” say Ribé and Puigdomènech. The home succeeds in doing just that, reflecting the endless possibilities of a monochromatic palette. 

The Design of This Penthouse Apartment Pops With Color

A kitchen with bright blue cabinets and a wood table with upholstered bench
Pops of blue are prominent in the kitchen, which includes a custom bench by The Room Studio and a table by Artisan, with chairs by Roche Bobois. Lamps are by &Tradition. Photography by Mauricio Fuertes. 
A bathroom sink with a circle mirror against blue-hued wallpaper with outlines of trees and a wooden vanity
The courtesy bathroom features a wall lamp by Marset, mirror by Gubi and wallpaper by Inkiostro Bianco. Photography by Mauricio Fuertes. 
A blue tufted armchair near a wooden wall unit in a living area
The living room bookshelf is custom-made by The Room Studio and features an armchair and auxiliar table by Roche Bobois. Photography by Mauricio Fuertes. 
The primary bedroom features floor-to-ceiling windows and blue curtains
The bedroom suite. Bed by Bonaldo, bedside table by Novamobili, reading lamp by Marset, suspended lamp by Lee Broom, blue rug by Roche Bobois and beige rug by Francisco Cumellas, with poufs by Normann Copenhagen. Photography by Mauricio Fuertes. 
The vanity in the children's bathroom is blue with a white countertop
The children’s bathroom features a collage of colored tiles as well as a mirror and cabinet by Fiora. Photography by Mauricio Fuertes. 
The suite bathroom includes a double sink and a soaking tub
The suite bathroom with a custom cabinet by The Room Studio, wall lamps by Parachilna, and taps by Gessi. Photography by Mauricio Fuertes. 
The guest bathroom has a wood floating vanity with teal tile
A guest bathroom with a wall lamp by &Tradition, mirror by Miniforms, and custom furniture by The Room Studio. Photography by Mauricio Fuertes. 
The terrace includes a rattan hanging chair and a teal sectional
The terrace features armchairs and floor lamp by Gloster, tables and suspended armchair by Skyline Design. Photography by Mauricio Fuertes. 

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