July 1, 2021

Bright Architecture Designs Mind Body Project in NYC

inside a studio room of Mind Body Project with LED strips illuminating the floor
Dimmable LED strips run across the studio floor and ceiling at Mind Body Project, a New York fitness center by Bright Architecture that combines HIIT with meditation. Photography by Claire Esparros.

It may be exactly what New Yorkers need these days, a work­out that combines HIIT with transcendental meditation, serving their physical and mental needs. It’s the brainchild of Chris Stockel, who himself battled anxiety for years and found that TM brought peace of mind. Fittingly, Stockel connected with Bright Architecture, the firm that would translate his idea into reality, while exercising at another gym. The resulting Mind Body Project, which just opened after a year delay due to the pandemic, is a 3,300-square-foot holistic wellness experience, a reflection of the cathartic and in­tense programming. “Materials and elements are unexpected yet intentional, to softly engage the mind and body,” says architect Nathan Bright, who has designed over 80 fitness projects across the country, 10 of them completely new concepts his firm helped bring to market. At MBP, Euro­pean oak, porcelain tile, and dreamy wall decor form the envelope. In the studio, dimmable lights run between yoga mats embedded in the floor. After class, which begins with guided breathwork, ascends into yoga, HIIT, and TRX, and culminates in meditation, guests can extend their sense of om and ah in the lounge’s hammock.

an abstract wallpaper lines the wall behind a seating area at Mind Body Project in NYC
The lounge has wallpaper by Wallpaper Projects, built-in hammock seating, and a Cedar & Moss pendant. Photography by Claire Esparros.
a sconce illuminates a steaming room at Mind Body Project
Sconces are by Rich Brilliant Willing. Photography by Nikita Dolgachev.
yoga mats are embedded in the floor in front of built in arch shelves at Mind Body Project
Yoga mats embedded into the oak-plank floor by Madera can be removed for cleaning, while the arched niches store custom meditation cushions by Stitchroom. Photography by Claire Esparros.

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