March 30, 2016

Bullfights and Tangos Inspired Lim Seungmo’s Boutique Hotel Room Design in Seoul

Lim Seungmo has never seen a bullfight nor danced the tango. But that didn’t stop him from mashing up the two to create the Libertango concept for a guest room that he designed for a boutique brand, Hotel the Designers, opening its latest property in Seoul, South Korea.

Photography by Shin Kyungsub.

Beyond a stainless-steel entry tunnel, the 450-square-foot space is awash in the blood red, stark white, and ebony associated with the sport and the dance. The platform bed and a leather-upholstered banquette are for resting and reclining. An L-shape shower room and a freestanding tub are for bathing and relaxing. And everything is oriented on the diagonal, like a bull-fighter’s cape or the hem of a dancer’s dress.

Photography by Shin Kyungsub.

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