April 3, 2019

Cactus-Designed Lab 100 Brings Engaging Interiors to New York’s Mount Sinai

Lab 100 by Cactus. Photography courtesy of Cactus.

Engaging design, long de rigueur for children’s healthcare spaces, has only recently been extended to adult patients—perhaps most notably at Lab 100, a hybrid clinic and research facility developed by Cactus for New York’s Mount Sinai and its Institute for Next Generation Healthcare. Leveraging data and technology to redesign the way health is measured and care delivered, the clinic offers an interactive experience conceived by the practice’s three partners: architect Marcelo Pontes, branding consultant Noah Waxman, and digital innovator Lucas Werthein.

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Lab 100 by Cactus. Photography courtesy of Cactus.

“It’s a step toward predictive computer-modelling on human health.”

Having submitted pre-visit information via app, patients are guided through a series of stations—interactive environments incorporating virtual reality, touch screens, “gamified” tests, live video, and body/gesture tracking—that measure, report, and contextualize different biomarkers such as cognition, blood chemistry, and strength. Videos continually explain what’s being assessed and why it’s important, culminating in a final consultation “aided by a video wall with the gathered data presented in an interactive visualization,” Waxman notes. A word-of-mouth operation for now, the facility will add three more locations later this year.

Lab 100 by Cactus. Photography courtesy of Cactus.

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