February 8, 2018

Calico Wallpaper Founders Nick and Rachel Cope Tackle the Textile Trade

Calico Wallpaper founders Nick and Rachel Cope tackle the textile trade with new sister brand Cope.

Interior Design: How long has this idea been stewing?

Nick Cope: Since our very first customers requested it! But we were so focused on getting our studio off the ground. Nearly five years later, it became clear that we could delve into fabric and soft goods.

ID: Does the design process differ?

Rachel Cope: For both categories, we let chance play a big role in idea development. We begin with original artwork that we feel passionate about. Then the patterns are manipulated and made to order, based on the need of our clients.


ID: What’s new, what’s not?

NC: Three patterns are brand new for Cope, and one is derived from existing wallpaper. Everything is printed on fine linen, for use as upholstery, pillows, or curtains. That base material was totally new to us, because it can be draped or stretched.


ID: What inspired you?

RC: Sumi explores suminagashi, the ancient art of Japanese marbling. Flora balances the realism of nature with abstraction. Palette references the process of mixing color for painting. Aurora, the Calico Wallpaper design, depicts a gradient reminiscent of a sunset.


ID: In a crowded marketplace, what’s your edge?

NC: By combining handmade processes with digital capabilities, we rapidly develop designs that are aesthetically unique. Soft goods are ready for disruption.


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