September 3, 2018

California Faucets’ StyleDrain® Wows Louvre Visitors

Besides for a question of utility, there’s little that divides great art from great design. At least that’s what California Faucets communicates to design audiences through two comical ads for StyleDrain, the world’s first decorative shower drain. 

When California Faucets introduced StyleDrain® to the market in 2009, it was a revolutionary concept. It beautified bathroom spaces in a completely new way, and in recognition of this, the company received Interior Design’s prestigious Best of Year award in the bath accessories and hardware category—an accolade that would follow again in 2013 with StyleDrain® Tile. The product’s innovative design allows for the inlay of any tile or stone to match surrounding flooring, creating the illusion of water disappearing into the floor. Ideal for luxury bathrooms, atria, patios, or wet rooms, StyleDrain® comes in over 30 finishes and a clean, minimalist appearance that’s also foot-friendly.

Today decorative shower drains seem commonplace in luxury settings and that is thanks solely to California Faucets. Before the invention of this product, there was a noticeable lack of beautiful hardware options for high-end bathrooms. “Installing a utilitarian drain with visible screws in a luxury shower is like pairing combat boots with a beautiful evening gown,” says Noah Taft, senior vice president of marketing and sales. “The original StyleDrain® offers beautiful grids, but StyleDrain® Tile is the latest in the evolution. It’s as if there’s no drain at all.”

Both ads, including the second one, entitled Beautiful Baby, were shot in Milan, Italy.

The StyleDrain® Tile with a mosaic inlay. Photography courtesy of California Faucets.
StyleDrain in the Neo pattern. Photography courtesy of California Faucets.

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