June 8, 2020

Capexus Designs Massive Czech Republic Office for T-Mobile

When T-Mobile Czech Republic asked Capexus to redesign 43,000 square feet of one of the largest single-tenant buildings in Prague, they didn’t just change the floorplan—they changed how the company’s 20-member teams work.

“Flexibility and adaptability are among the most important aspects of a functional modern workplace,” said architect Erika Bohatá in a statement. And so Capexus first divided the spaces into neighborhoods, with a ‘focus hub’ within mobile walls for four employees in three separate rooms. “We designed it for quiet, independent work and frequent conference calls,” said architect Martin Židek in a statement, “which facilitated a transition from a closed- to open-office. Zoning now works through a variety of acoustic and visual barriers including acoustic curtains and panels, greenery, corridor separation, and ground-plan layout.”

Custom structures literally house seating in a waiting area for the conference room, near armchairs and tables by Inclass, a P4.Design pouf, and CarpetVista chevron. Photography by Petr Andrlík.

T-Mobile’s logo appears throughout the interiors, which called for a palette that otherwise avoid the brand’s signature magenta in favor of shades of blue, orange, green, yellow, and teal—bold choices the telecom operator clearly favored, as they enlisted Capexus to redesign the rest of the building. 

Seating by Profim fill the relaxation area, upon carpet tiles by Forbo. Photography by Petr Andrlík.
The kitchenette island is Kronospan Stone Oak, with chairs by Pedrali and Inclass; behind it, a Blanco sink and faucet stands at the ready. Photography by Petr Andrlík.
Custom mobile walls create a ‘focus hub’ with an open area floored by Forbo Flooring Systems carpet tiles. Photography by Petr Andrlík.
Informal meeting space include Pedrali task chairs around a Swedstyle conference table, and a Götessons pouf with Profim armchairs and an Inclass table. Photography by Petr Andrlík.
Mummified moss mixes with mineral-bonded wood wool boards in the cafeteria, with Rendl Light Studio fixtures above a sofa by Bolia. Photography by Petr Andrlík.

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