March 4, 2021

Ceramiche Piemme Poses a Durable Alternative to Marble With Recyclable Porcelain Tile

Nothing says deluxe quite like natural stone. It’s timeless and elegant, but not always durable, especially when it comes to softer varieties like marble. Ceramiche Piemme responds to this quandary with Opulence, a tile collection that oh-so-accurately apes the look and luster of marble as well as granite and crystal but in hardy, recyclable colored-body porcelain. There are five polished-stone effects in four rectangular and square formats: Pleasure (a mottled black “granite”), Bliss (similar but in white), Eccentric (a gold-streaked murky green), creamy Delight, and ink-blot black-and-white Caprice. There are also three intriguing inlay effects that form elaborate patterns, including Balance, a graphic array of stripes
and half-moons.

At left: Opulence Balance. At right: Opulence Pleasure.

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