December 6, 2017

César Anca Returns to Madrid With Radiant Restaurant by EstudiHac

After managing eateries in Alicante for two decades, chef and restauranteur César Anca returned to his native Madrid with Xanverí, a culinary hotspot that honors “the history of Chamberí and its origin, which date back to Napoleonic times,” says estudiHac creative director José Manuel Ferrero. The entrance’s paper mural honors local traditions of ceramic and stonework, while carved oak moldings in the wine cellar recreate the geometric facades of nearby buildings. La Desenfadada, the casual dining space, and the more formal Restaurante Gastronómico radiate white, gold, and blue tones befitting the beaches of Madrid. Houndstooth check, historically beloved by the Castilians, blankets the private Xispero Room, from the rug to the walls to the backlit sconces, bathed in light from BD Barcelona’s Olivdada chandelier, a nod to chisperos, or sparkers, the local nickname for smelters.

Ceilings at Xanverí, a Madrid restaurant by estudiHac, boast a diamond pattern of timber cladding. Photography courtesy of estudiHac.

The seating’s blue upholstery embodies estudiHac’s aesthetic of “mature Mediterranean.” Photography courtesy of estudiHac.
A custom chandelier and kaleidoscopic ceramic floor define the bar. Photography courtesy of estudiHac.
Carla Fuentes’s illustrations of notable locals adorn Restaurante Gastronómico’s walls. Photography courtesy of estudiHac.
Multiple scales of houndstooth check create a buzz in The Xispero Room. Photography courtesy of estudiHac.
The first floor houses La Desenfadada, a more casual dining experience. Photography courtesy of estudiHac.
Neon houndstooth makes La Desenfadada’s “Instagram corner” an ideal selfie spot. Photography courtesy of estudiHac.

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