February 8, 2018

Craftmade Brings Artisanal Lighting to Virtual Showroom

As the design and digital worlds become more closely intertwined, some members of the interiors business are embracing the virtual in radical ways. Meanwhile, other designers are ushering in the 21st century’s Arts & Crafts renaissance, focusing on artisan craftsmanship and natural materials to provide an alternative to the high-tech path. 

Craftmade, a purveyor of high-end lighting fixtures, is embracing both the future and the past. New products and a new collection aspire to an artisan look that conjures nostalgic design. At the same time, the brand is embracing cutting-edge technologies: it recently launched a new virtual tour of their Dallas showroom, allowing interested buyers from around the globe to see their latest offerings, as well as the wider swath of what the company has to offer.

Read on to learn more about five new fixtures from Craftmade that show how historic influences can merge with 21st-century technology.  

The Bangle pendant. Photography courtesy of Craftmade.


Like a piece of jewelry, the Bangle pendant light is simple in form but exudes a whimsical air that draws the eye immediately. Wrapped around LED lighting, Bangle delicately embellishes a room with a geometric pattern attached to a circular structure of polished nickel or satin brass.

The Bastion pendant. Photography courtesy of Craftmade.


The Bastion’s unique form and dark coloring is a product of the craftsmanship that went into its production. “Each piece of metal is individually hand-cut,” explains David Rauschuber, senior vice president of Craftmade. “From there the pieces are finished and hand-welded onto the light’s circular base.” The jagged arrangement of steel along the outside shell displays an array of colors by reflecting the light of the interior LEDs.

Multiple Dolby pendants. Photography courtesy of Craftmade.


Taking its cues from modern art, the demi-spherical Dolby pendant light balances delicacy and weight through form and materials. Fractured spheres, dangling on thin cables that are nearly invisible, appear suspended in midair. The light’s finishes of matte black or an aged-brass patina give the impression of heft, creating an interesting juxtaposition of masses. The lights are fully configurable to create a number of forms to suit the needs of the space.

Multiple Roxx pendants. Photography courtesy of Craftmade.


Taking cues from nature, the Roxx pendant light features rock quartz crystals individually bound around a gilded finished frame. “When this piece is lit, it creates an incredible glow,” says Rauschuber. “Combining two or more pendants together creates a celestial ambiance.”

The Freestyle ceiling fan. Photography courtesy of Craftmade.


The Freestyle is a three-blade ceiling fan with a modern edge. With a 58-inch sweep, the fan is crafted for those who want latitude with their design options. “It’s a cool fan with aggressive lines,” says Rauschuber. Freestyle is able to be installed as an indoor or outdoor feature.

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