August 20, 2019

CuldeSac Channels Ancient and Modern Arcades for Valencia “Social Foodie Club” Partiggiano

Circular and drop pendants by Light&Studio hang above stools by Sklum and custom iron and HPL tables. Photography by David Zarzoso.

The Heron City shopping center is a new arrival in Valencia’s ancient town of Paterna, with fine dining and cinema options mixing with fast food and shopping. An even newer arrival? The fast-casual “social foodie club” Partiggiano, which eschews the typical mall format for something more historical.

“We wanted to revive the Mediterranean tradition of the Italian town squares, of mamma welcoming everyone to eat at a large table,” says Lucía del Portillo, creative director at CuldeSac Custom and partner of CuldeSac, who headed up design for the space’s 2,100 interior square feet, plus an additional 1,300-square-foot kitchen and 730-square-foot covered terrace. “From this concept came the design of a grandstand and arches. A simple atmosphere with arcades.”

Andreu World chairs join custom banquette seating, with Light&Studio pendants illuminating the graffitied walls. Photography by David Zarzoso.

Make that arcades in multiple senses of the word: While the dining area pays tribute to the arcades of the Romans, a branded video game console in back references spaces of the ‘80s. And for a final touch of old-meets-new, del Portillo commissioned street artists to fill the walls with their work—graffiti, after all, is as Italian as Partiggiano’s pizzas.

In the back, a custom arcade game and neon pizza slice sign are positioned near the counter. Photography by David Zarzoso.
The team commissioned street artists such as David de Limón, Xolaka, and Le Nena Wapa to cover the walls. Photography by David Zarzoso.

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