February 23, 2021

Da Bureau Transforms Historic Reception Hall in Moscow into a Modern Restaurant

Rich jewel tones ground the lounge area. Photography by Sergey Melnikov.

How does a restaurant equally passionate about coffee and cocktails exist within a locale that functions as hub for creatives, complete with a photo studio and event venue? One of St. Petersburg’s foremost contemporary design firms, Da Bureau, envisioned the answer in remodeling a historic Moscow reception hall into The Beloque Restaurant, located in the Trekhgornaya Manufaktura urban development. To create a dining destination with a touch of drama, the team leveraged the high ceilings, original structural elements, and rustic textures of the space. 

Artful installations and textural furnishings balance the industrial materials throughout, such as wood, concrete, stainless steel, and micro-cement. And a white terrazzo floor, complete with brass inserts, adds an elegant touch, warmed by ornate rugs with rich hues.  With a variety of greenery punctuating the transitional areas and a light-catching mobile suspended in the main dining room, The Beloque Restaurant is sure to keep diners coming back morning, noon, and night.

Oblong mirrors reflect the bar and street views. Photography by Sergey Melnikov.

Illuminated with RGB lighting, the glass mobile adds a dynamic element to the dining room. Photography by Sergey Melnikov.
A corrugated sheet of stainless steel creates light reflections behind the café bar. Photography by Sergey Melnikov.
The reception room. Photography by Sergey Melnikov. 

A quiet corner of the dining room. Photography by Sergey Melnikov.
The bathroom references the mirrors seen throughout the dining area. Photography by Sergey Melnikov.
Diners have plenty of seating options from booths to minimalist chairs. Photography by Sergey Melnikov.

Concrete steps, wooden wall panelling, and plastered tiles are featured in a transitional area. Photography by Sergey Melnikov.

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