December 23, 2020

DAMAST Architects Transforms a Plastic Factory into an Industrial Amsterdam Office

DAMAST Architects upcycled a steel beam to make a standing desk in the office. Photography by Petra Appelhof.

For Amsterdam-based construction company BVIntersell, a formal workplace environment comprised of raw materials offers a way to challenge and inspire their workforce of builders. Tasked with creating such a space, DAMAST Architects, a modern Dutch design firm, transformed a former plastic factory into an industrial office, using resources often found at construction sites. “By using these raw building materials in an unorthodox way, we show their beauty,” explains Daniël Peters, project lead.

The central, bright blue steel stairwell goes from the entrance up to the main work area. Photography by Petra Appelhof.

The building’s spacious layout enabled Peters and his team to create a variety of spaces for work and collaboration, giving flexibility to each department to arrange their areas to maximize productivity. With wide corridors and amenities, such as table tennis, the overall floorplan encourages communication. “It is precisely those undefined, playful places that ensure unexpected encounters,” says Peters, noting “ultimately, that creates more connection with the company.”

Rebar chandeliers adorn a meeting room. Photography by Petra Appelhof.

“You only make a first impression once,” Peters continues, “we wanted to show how you can create an almost monumental atmosphere with an industrial material.” Blue stairs made from steel diamond plates mark the entrance with a colorful greeting that continues into the meeting rooms, which feature hanging pod chairs and a gravel floor. Additionally, custom architectural designs by DAMAST, such as a standing table built from an existing steel column with recycled steel girders and folded door handles made from repurposed steel strips, ensure employees remain connected to the construction sites they work on, even while in the conference room. 

Custom doorhandles from extra steel are custom by DAMAST Architects. Photography by Petra Appelhof.
Mesh steel panels give this common room an industrial edge. Photography by Petra Appelhof.

Slats of construction wood under the skylight filters the daylight. Photography by Petra Appelhof.
Employees can play table tennis in a sectioned-off blue zone. Photography by Petra Appelhof.

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