February 6, 2018

Daniel Germani Recasts the Vanity as Contemporary Heirloom

Daniel Germani Designs assembles a dream team to expedite a new concept for bathroom efficiency.

Interior Design: What triggered the project?

Daniel Germani: For years, kitchens got all the attention when it came to cabinetry. But bathroom storage has remained the same. This sameness sparked the concept for DeKauri: a freestanding piece of furniture, like a classic Italian credenza, to enclose all the mundane necessities within a beautiful package.

ID: How did the process unfold?

DG: It always starts as a sketch or some kind of drawing. I place no creative limits at the beginning, but I always keep function in mind. From there, the parts all come together.

ID: Was the material mix noteworthy?

DG: When Riva 1920 co-owner Maurizio Riva showed me kauri, and told me the story behind it, I was hooked. How often does one work with 40,000-year-old wood? I loved matching high-tech products, like Dekton composite from Cosentino, with Riva 1920’s craftsmanship—along with uber-sleek Fantini Rubinetti faucets and super-smart Juniper lighting.


ID: Was it challenging to serve more than one master?

DG: Not at all. The respect each partner has for the craft of the others made the process so easy. I had a dream team in mind, and when they all agreed to participate, I felt like the luckiest bastard alive.

ID: Does DeKauri reveal anything about you?

DG: It totally reflects my obnoxious attention to detail.


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