December 1, 2020

Davis Furniture and jehs+laub Celebrate a Decade of the Ginkgo Chair with New Iterations

Ginkgo’s iconic forms venture outdoors with the Ginkgo Rope collection.  Photography courtesy of Davis Furniture.

It is not often that a chair captures the attention of the design community, becoming an instant classic recognized for its individuality and versatility. Iconic designs are established when a product’s form and function stand the test of time, remaining a staple across a myriad of aesthetics and interiors long after their initial introduction. 

The Ginkgo chair, first introduced 10 years ago, is one such piece. Developed through a collaboration between German design duo jehs+laub, and leading contract manufacturer, Davis Furniture, Ginkgo has evolved throughout the past decade from a multi-use chair into a fully realized collection with options fit for any interior or exterior application.

The lineage of the Ginkgo Collection has grown to include lounge, conference, multi-use, guest, café, outdoor, and executive seating options. Photography courtesy of Davis Furniture.

Inspired by fluid shapes and patterns found in nature, the Ginkgo design features smooth curves and thin lines creating a strong silhouette. Marking one of the earliest collaborations between jehs+laub and Davis Furniture, both parties wanted to explore the potential beyond its initial bent plywood form. “The evolution has involved a process exploring materials, functionality, and form,” says Danny Davis, president and CEO of Davis Furniture, noting the introduction of lounge and conference chairs, plus a companion table series.

The original bent plywood Ginkgo chair from 2011 and the newest bent plywood addition, the Ginkgo Barstool. Photography courtesy of Davis Furniture.

Rooted in the importance of staying true to the legacy of the original Ginkgo model, Davis Furniture and jehs+laub recently launched a line of new products that expand on the chair’s recognizable silhouette. Beginning with revisiting the classic bent plywood form, they introduced the Ginkgo Barstool into the collection earlier this year.

Marking an expansion of Davis Furniture’s material offerings, the Ginkgo Rope collection adds a new element of tactility for Ginkgo’s indoor and outdoor solutions. All handwoven in Italy the collection features a lounge, chair, and barstool which is comprised of a durable and comfortable polyester rope offered in a bespoke color palette.

Each design within the Ginkgo family is rooted in the importance of functionality and aesthetics. Through the captivating growth of the Ginkgo collection, Davis Furniture has worked to elevate this product line to its fullest potential. On its tenth anniversary, Ginkgo proves to be as stylish, adaptable, and functional of a design as it was a decade ago.

The Ginkgo Rope’s seven bold shades provide a pop of color wherever they’re placed. Photography courtesy of Davis Furniture.

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