August 17, 2013

Design on the High Seas: Moonlight II

Earlier this year, Florida-based IK Yacht Design spent eight months planning, measuring, fabricating, and packing containers to send to Abu Dhabi, where they installed the interior of the Moonlight II, the royal yacht of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the president of the United Arab Emirates.

IK Yacht Design works on about 150 boats each year. “We can do a pillow, or a complete interior,” says Orna Kadosh, the firm’s VP, mentioning IK’s 10,000-square-foot showroom with its 400 fabrics, furniture, and non-breakable, high-end china.

One of the Sheikh’s requests was for a dining table able to accommodate 40 guests. IK responded with two custom, glass-top tables with a bronze base designed to mimic a reef, complete with mermaid and LED lights. Each can seat 20.  

For this and every project, says Kadosh, materials are well considered. “Teak is a priority,” she says. “It can be exposed to sun and the elements and you can get the sheen again. It’s made for outdoors. It’s not going to rot.”  

Powder coated aluminum and stainless steel are also valued for their lack of tarnishing, good looks, and nearly nonexistent maintenance requirements. On a boat that’s a concern right down to the screw.

Weight is also a factor. “If it’s a swordfish boat they may not want stone flooring in the bathroom because it will slow the boat down, but on a mega yacht it’s acceptable,” says Kadosh. Honeycomb flooring is a very light option either way. And sofas often come aboard without their bottoms. In some cases the extra space created by freeing up weight becomes storage—wine in a chair, for example.

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