June 25, 2013

Designing With Water: Earth and Water Studios

Las Vegas-based Earth and Water Studios has designed and installed hundreds of custom water features in homes, offices, hotels and restaurants across the country, each requiring three to four weeks of work, from concept to completion.

First the company fabricates a stainless steel shell, which allows for precise mechanical attachment of the water features. It also prevents water from leaking into the drywall or surface material. Then the fun part (they say): cutting the granite. They specialize in this stone because of its timeless look, unique water pattern possibilities, and zero splash.

“Since all of our water features are handmade, each granite slab has a unique carving that will texturing the flowing water,” says owner Jon Kinney, who has water throughout his entire home. “Precision is an absolute must and our experience with some of the equipment on the market does not now allow the precision we are looking for. This is where the art form and experience comes in.” 

Besides an artistic look, their creations are self-cleaning, have auto-refill systems (some require manually filling), are continuously sanitizing, use LED lighting, and have electronic and non-electronic safeguards. They also offer different water flow patterns and speeds.

Here’s some of their most surprising work, starting with a 20-foot high installation above a fireplace in a private home, completed last winter.

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