July 28, 2021

Destudio Arquitectura Designs an Open and Inviting Pharmacy in Valencia, Spain

Unobstructed views and minimal barriers between shoppers and the products is a key element of the pharmacy’s design. Photography by Germán Cabo.

Between the city’s popular beaches and the wetland reserve Albufera Park, the natural wonders of Valencia, Spain are arguably on par with its historic architecture. Fusing these two elements together, local firm Destudio Arquitectura—known for its health and wellness designs—created an inviting and comfortable space for pharmacy, UNE Farmacia. Maximizing natural light, the Destudio Arquitectura team implemented extended windows on the pharmacy’s street-facing facade and suspended LED light screens from the ceiling to highlight specific products. The open interior features a central display island made from a local wood that is also used for the perimeter shelves as well as several service desks. “To enter this health space is to enter a dimension that combines familiarity and closeness with originality,” a member of the project team shares, noting that strategically placed graphic icons enable shoppers to easily find the items they need on the shelves below. Exposed concrete and black lacquered iron throughout create a diaphanous yet sophisticated aesthetic that, paired with an easy-to-navigate retail section, aims to inspire consumer confidence and meaningful relationships between pharmacists and patients.

Open and organized, goods are displayed on floating shelving systems. Photography by Germán Cabo.
1,765 square-foot-space features an inviting and harmonious design. Photography by Germán Cabo.
A consultation room is hidden behind the display shelves. Photography by Germán Cabo.
Pharmacists have a view of the store even in the private area designated for quiet work. Photography by Germán Cabo.

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